The Multiple Sclerosis Center

Rhode Island Hospital multiple sclerosis (MS) center located at The Neurology Foundation provides the highest level of diagnostic and long term multidisciplinary care to individuals with multiple sclerosis.

The Multiple Sclerosis Center is affiliated with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society (NMSS). Through this affiliation, the MS Center works directly with the National MS Society to provide enhanced healthcare, educational programs and community services to individuals with multiple sclerosis.

Rhode Island Hospital is the only NMSS-affiliated hospital in the area to participate in clinical trials and the second hospital in the state to develop this formal partnership.

The Multiple Sclerosis Center is directed by Dr. Syed Rizvi and staffed with two full time nurses, Brigid Crabtree, RN, MSCN, CCRP and Kim Perez, RN.

The staff works closely with patients, their family members, primary care physicians, and coordinates care with other specialty providers in physical and occupational therapy, urology, neuro-opthalmology, neuropsychology, neurosurgery and psychiatry in order to develop the best treatment plan possible and to provide comprehensive MS care to their patients.

A Lumber Puncture clinic is offered where spinal taps are performed using a special (sprotte) needle that minimizes the discomfort and limits post spinal tap headaches.

The MS Center provides full and comprehensive care to MS patients, including injection training programs and infusion therapy. Our IV Infusion center provides a comfortable environment for patients to receive intravenous therapies. Physical therapy will also be offered beginning in the fall of 2010.

The Multiple Sclerosis Center is a registered site for the administration of Tysabri, a once monthly infusion therapy for the treatment of relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis.

We are committed to clinical research in Multiple Sclerosis. Research Trials are available for patient entry and aim to improve treatment of Multiple Sclerosis. Some of the currently active trials include:

1) Oracle Study - a phase III research study of oral investigational drug in subjects with a first clinical event at high risk of converting to multiple sclerosis. This study compares 2 different doses of investigational drug to placebo. The first clinical event must have occurred within 75 days of study enrollment.

We are always participating in new clinical research. There are more studies planned in the next few months.

Patients interested in clinical trials should contact Brigid at 444-3039, Kim at 444-7876 or Lillian at 444-3799.

Syed Rizvi, MD

2 Dudley Street
Suite 530
Providence RI 02905


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